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Ambitious, creative nurses can thrive at Croydon Health Services and we are keen to foster enthusiasm and develop nurses who want to fast-track their career.

We know that modern nurses want the chance to make a difference and will offer opportunities to those who want to accelerate their learning and progress quickly through nursing grades. We are responding to the demands of a modern health service by embracing ambition and supporting development. If you’re keen to progress, we’ll provide the help you need.



Newly qualified nurses and Band 5

Croydon Health Services is a great place to start your career as a nurse. As a district general hospital we offer the opportunity to get solid experience in an environment that supports your development as a nurse, with a wide range of clinical areas to get involved in.

Bespoke Nursing Rotation Scheme

Croydon Health Services are proud to offer a Bespoke Nursing Rotation Scheme which gives newly qualified nurses the opportunity to experience different specialities and gain invaluable experience for the future, before deciding which route to take.

In their first 18 months at the Trust, nurses can choose three different clinical settings, each lasting six months, to gain hands on experience in each area. In addition to this, nurses receive additional training and development which counts towards their nursing portfolio and revalidation. As an integrated Trust the rotation programme offers both hospital and community opportunities.

We know that the first steps in a nursing career can be the most challenging and believe it’s important to support nurses so that they can learn and grow. Our dedicated teams of Practice Educators are on hand to ensure that you are always supported.

Preceptorship scheme

All newly qualified nurses who join the Trust are enrolled in our preceptorship scheme, which is aligned with the Capital Nurse Preceptorship framework, and offers a carefully planned way to develop clinical skills with the guidance and support of experienced clinicians.

Changing focus

As a Trust which runs both hospital and community services, we have opportunities for experienced nurses, looking to make a career change and will support education and development in high-demand areas. If you’re looking to make a change or would like to explore another nursing profession, we can support your transition.

For example you may wish to try moving from hospital to community nursing. We can support this move, provide an introduction programme and if it is for you we can support you to train as a district nurse, school nurse or health visitor.

Croydon Health Services is an integrated Trust, providing services in hospitals and in the community. This makes moving between the two, re-education and progressing, easier than in many other Trusts. Service improvement programmes such as ‘Listening Into Action’ foster innovation and encourage staff at all levels to make a difference. This provides a foundation for those wanting to develop management skills and an environment where new ideas are embraced.

Speciality areas

Children’s health visitor

Community nursing

Elderly care

Medical wards


Paediatric emergency ward

Special care baby unit

Surgical wards


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